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Reactions to Russian indictments in 2016 U.S. election meddling probe

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Reactions to Russian indictments in 2016 U.S. election meddling probe

(Reuters) – U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has charged a Russian Internet agency and more than a dozen Russians with interfering in the 2016 U.S. presidential election campaign in an effort to support Donald Trump and denigrate his rival Hillary Clinton.

Below are reactions to Mueller’s 37-page indictment:

“We have known that Russians meddled in the election, but these indictments detail the extent of the subterfuge.

These Russians engaged in a sinister and systematic attack on our political system. It was a conspiracy to subvert the process, and take aim at democracy itself.

Today’s announcement underscores why we need to follow the facts and work to protect the integrity of future elections.”

– House Speaker Paul Ryan in a statement

“For all those who have been asking ‘where is the evidence of a crime?’ – this is it. This is the criminal conspiracy. This is what President Trump and his allies have repeatedly called a ‘hoax’ and ‘fake news.’

Today’s indictment shows precisely how the Russians worked to help the Trump campaign, in startling and extensive detail.”

– Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings in a statement

“Mueller just put Moscow on notice. This ought to be a wakeup call to Washington: Putin’s shadow war is aimed at undermining Americans’ trust in our institutions.

We know Russia is coming back in 2018 and 2020 – we have to take this threat seriously.”

– Republican Senator Ben Sasse in a statement, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin

“The Putin regime presents a pressing threat to American interests, including through Moscow’s long-running influence operations against the United States.

The House Intelligence Committee has been investigating these threats for many years: in 2014 – the year the Russians began their operation targeting the 2016 elections — I warned about Russia’s worldwide influence operations.

In April 2016 I stated that the United States’ failure to predict Putin’s plans and intentions is ‘the biggest intelligence failure that we’ve had since 9/11.’

Although the Obama Administration failed to act on the Committee’s warnings, it’s gratifying to see that Russian agents involved in these operations have now been identified and indicted.”


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