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He has to be normal’: Trump’s State of the Union aims for unity after a polarizing year

Published on January 27, 2018


He has to be normal': Trump's State of the Union aims for unity after a polarizing year


Facing a grim midterm election outlook for his party, the president plans to focus on selling agenda items with a bipartisan touch.

President Donald Trump plans to set aside his fire-and-fury rhetoric to deliver a conciliatory message in his first State of the Union address, using the televised speech to reach voters beyond his base in an election year marked by intense polarization and a troubled electoral map for Republicans.

Early versions of Trump’s speech indicate the president, facing an in-house congressional audience grimly divided along ideological lines, will adopt a unifying tone with the theme of a “safe, strong and proud America.”

The approach marks an attempt to shift the national conversation from Trump’s dismal public approval ratings, an election year that threatens Republican control of Congress and a White House consumed by an investigation into Russian campaign meddling.

Trump will tally a year of notable accomplishments that have been overshadowed by scandals, investigations and his own quick temper.

And he’ll offer a legislative agenda to appeal to Republicans and Democrats, including an ambitious infrastructure package, common ground on immigration reform and an America-first trade policy, a senior administration official told reporters.

“The tone will be one of bipartisanship and will be very forward-looking,” the official said. “It will be an attractive message.”

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