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‘John Lithgow: Stories By Heart’ review: sweet but slight

Published on January 12, 2018


‘John Lithgow: Stories By Heart’ review: sweet but slight


Midway through his sweet but slight solo Broadway show, “Stories By Heart,” John Lithgow addressed the audience.

“Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to tuck in my shirt,” he said. “Sadly, that may be the most memorable moment of the entire evening.”

It wasn’t. Most noteworthy is this Tony- and Emmy-winner’s easygoing charm, along with his talent for creating distinct voices and visages for characters.

He has honed his skills during a long career in which he’s played such roles as aliens (“3rd Rock from the Sun”), columnists (“The Sweet Smell of Success”) and Winston Churchill (“The Crown”).

Still, there’s something to his scripted quip about being memorable. Lithgow’s show is personal and has heart.

But it also has a weak pulse. Long story short: The two-hour piece, directed for the Roundabout by Daniel Sullivan, makes for a slim evening.

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