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Higher education an investment we can’t afford to ignore

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Higher education an investment we can’t afford to ignore


In our current political context, facts are not always facts — although, the fact remains that a college degree benefits individuals and all of American society.

Some in the Republican Party do not seem to agree that higher education is an investment worth encouraging and have systematically undermined it, through rhetoric and most destructively through policy proposals.

Ironically, those most poised to gain from a college degree are the “forgotten” who voted enthusiastically for Donald Trump in 2016. According to Pew, “those without a college degree backed Trump 52 percent to 44 percent.”

The administration’s actions thus far, however, have not provided a concerted effort to support these most-forgotten. Although the GOP tax plan will provide some short-term relief, it does not address long-term needs. Instead, the tax plan as enacted significantly benefits the rich.

If higher education was not a good investment, why does 60 percent of the top income quartile have a college degree? Higher education has secured the economic future of the wealthy; Republicans must see how it can benefit the most-forgotten in their own party.

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