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FBI and White House clash over controversial Republican memo

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FBI and White House clash over controversial Republican memo

The FBI has questioned moves to release a secret memo said to accuse it of abusing surveillance powers to target Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

“We have grave concerns about the material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy,” the agency said.

There are suggestions the Congressional memo may be published on Thursday.

Democrats fear the document may be an attempt to discredit the inquiry into Trump campaign links to Russia.

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff accused his Republican counterparts of altering the text of the document after it was voted on. He said it should be withdrawn and reviewed again prior to any possible public release.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is leading the investigation into alleged Russian meddling and possible obstruction of justice by members of the Trump administration.

The White House has to approve the memo’s release but its chief of staff, John Kelly, told Fox News Radio it would be “released here pretty quick” for the “whole world” to see.

What do we know about the memo’s contents?
The four-page document was compiled by staffers for House Intelligence Committee (HIE) head Devin Nunes, a member of Mr Trump’s Republican party.

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