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Children in charter schools shouldn’t go hungry

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Children in charter schools shouldn’t go hungry


A heartbreaking story of the seven-year-old girl in Texas has gone viral. During a class exercise in which she and her classmates were told to write a letter to Santa, Crystal Pacheco listed two wants: food and a ball; and one need: a blanket.

When asked by her teacher why she said she “wanted” rather than “needed” food, she replied “‘Well, I get to eat at school — sometimes I may not have [food] at home, but I get to eat at school. A blanket I have one, but it’s not warm enough.’”

Crystal’s school in South Texas, like many other public schools throughout the country provide free breakfast and lunch each day to students who qualify. At Monte Cristo Elementary, that amounts to 93 percent of the students.

But not all public schools provide free meals for their hungry students. Alarmingly, only three states, Delaware, Ohio and Texas (and the District of Columbia) include language that specifically requires charter schools, which are public, to provide meals for students who live at or below the poverty line.

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