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At CES, ‘booth babes’ are less obvious, but they’re not gone

Published on January 14, 2018


At CES, 'booth babes' are less obvious, but they're not gone

By Edward Baig and Jessica Guynn

Jefferson Graham runs down the winners and losers of CES 2018.

says it’s not about being sexist but about breaking the ice with conventioneers.

“The girls are giving out (product materials). My girls are well covered. They’re not showing more than they’re supposed to…nothing too sexy,” he said.

Flores would prefer to be called a “booth model” than a “booth babe.”

“You’re not always going to look this way and if you can find your way to monetize it without jeopardizing your character and having people respect your boundaries then you should do it,” she said.

A few minutes later, those boundaries were crossed when a man reached around and grabbed her buttocks as she took a picture with him.

That kind of behavior — which Flores said she quickly stopped — contributes to the pernicious sexism that women in tech say keeps them from advancing or even entering the industry at all.

The “Elephant in the Valley” survey found that nearly all of the 200 plus senior women in tech who responded had experienced sexist interactions, with 60% of them being subjected to unwanted sexual advances.

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